GenSho Logistics Explores Future Trends in Logistics Intelligence through a Visit to the AIIA

Mr. Zeng Haiping, the General Manager of Guangzhou GemSho Logistics Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the logistics industry, led a delegation to visit the International AI Industry Alliance and the Asia-Pacific AI Association. During the visit, in-depth discussions were held with Alliance Secretary-General Cai Zhongtao and Dr. Wang Bo, the founder of RunCode, focusing on the utilization of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to further optimize GenSho Logistics' business processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Since its establishment, GenSho Logistics has consistently emphasized the importance of information technology, dedicating efforts to standardize business and management processes. Through the widespread adoption of technologies such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Positioning System (GPS), and mobile communication, the company has achieved remarkable success in warehouse management, loading and unloading, transportation, and distribution. Despite achieving digital transformation, employing Software as a Service (SaaS), and utilizing low-code solutions, Original Logistics continues to adapt its business structure through ongoing algorithmic optimization to meet dynamic market demands.

During the meeting, Alliance Secretary-General Cai Zhongtao extended an invitation to Dr. Wang Bo to showcase the capabilities of a powerful overseas AI model, particularly in outputting email keywords. Dr. Wang demonstrated the system's ability to select the optimal and fastest solutions based on specific conditions, capturing the keen interest of General Manager Zeng Haiping. Cai Zhongtao supplemented by highlighting the rapid integration of AI technology in the logistics and transportation sectors, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

General Manager Zeng Haiping expressed GenSho Logistics' commitment to deeply integrating into the innovation wave of artificial intelligence, fostering increased collaboration with the RunCode team for algorithmic enhancements. Simultaneously, discussions were initiated between the Alliance and GenSho Logistics regarding the establishment of an Academician and Doctoral Innovation Center, aiming to jointly propel the digitization and intelligence upgrade of the logistics industry.

In the realm of logistics, AI plays a pivotal role not only in warehouse management but also in elevating warehouse operational efficiency through intelligent storage systems and automated equipment. Real-time inventory management and optimization, facilitated by AI algorithms, have significantly reduced inventory losses and excess stock for GenSho Logistics. The use of automation has concurrently lowered labor costs and enhanced the efficiency of goods handling.

Moreover, the role of AI in logistics and transportation planning is increasingly evident. Through intelligent route optimization and traffic forecasting, selecting optimal transportation routes and times has become feasible, resulting in reduced transportation costs and time expenses.

This visit has not only deepened the understanding of the tremendous potential of AI in the logistics field for the leadership team at GenSho Logistics but has also laid a solid foundation for future collaborations. In the era of digitization, GenSho Logistics remains committed to leading industry development through innovation and cooperation, achieving new heights in logistics intelligence.

About Guangdong GenSho Logistics Co., Ltd.

Guangdong GenSho Logistics Co., Ltd. is a AAAA-grade logistics enterprise specializing in the integrated supply chain logistics of automotive components. Founded in August 2005, the company went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on September 18, 2017, with the stock code 603813.

Since its inception, the company has consistently adhered to the service philosophy of "Safe, Accurate, and Swift." Leveraging a fully integrated supply chain management business model, the company has established branch offices and service points in over 10 provinces and cities across China, forming a nationwide logistics network system. Implementing a comprehensive supply chain management logistics operation model, the company deeply integrates logistics services with manufacturing enterprises.

Through the application of logistics management technologies such as Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI), MILKRUN, direct delivery, and drop-and-hook transportation, the company achieves Just-in-Time (JIT) logistics distribution. This approach integrates various links in the supply chain, implementing "circular flow" transportation between different customers and component suppliers. This not only saves overall transportation mileage but also enhances vehicle loading efficiency, reduces empty running rates, and assists customers in achieving "zero" inventory management.

Simultaneously, by continually expanding and improving the logistics network for the supply chain, the company has diversified its clientele beyond the automotive logistics sector. It has established stable strategic partnerships with well-known large enterprises such as SF Express, Moen Bath,, and Foxconn.