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The pace of change is accelerating

Access to data and digital technology is changing the game. New operating models are springing up everywhere. The workforce is having to learn new skills, constantly. For supply chain executives this all means one thing: we must evolve.

So, what are the essential attributes of a future-ready 21st century supply chain?

Of course, it has to be customer-centric. It must have the agility and resiliency to operate in the ever-changing digital world and deliver not just revenue and profit, but sustainability. Most importantly, it has to be purpose-built.

What’s on the agenda for supply chain?

To create a 21st century supply chain, you need to consider six factors.


Ethical supply chains

Businesses need to act to operationalize their sustainability strategy.


A workforce for the future

Rapid workforce hiring and reskilling are critical organizational success factors.


The right tech

What got you here won’t get you there. Learn how to make the right technology bets.


Data-driven decisions

Approach decision-making as a business discipline enabled with analytics technology.


Data-driven decisions

Approach decision-making as a business discipline enabled with analytics technology.


Customer-centric supply chains

Use marketing and R&D expertise to build supply chains that put your customer first.

Where next?

Business as usual is not an option.

The biggest limitation for supply chains is no longer technology and what it can do, but the imagination of the people who put it to work. As enterprises around the world face a perfect storm of change, today’s supply chain leaders must transform business models, organizational structures and operations to thrive today and in the future.

Generative AI models – the risks and potential rewards

KPMG believes that generative artificial intelligence (AI) models have the potential to transform businesses through automating and executing certain tasks with unprecedented speed and efficiency. This is particularly true when human expertise and ingenuity is paired with deep understanding of how to use these programs and effectively harness their capabilities.