INTERNATIONAL ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE INDUSTRY ALLIANCE (AIIA)  was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2023. The alliance is a non-profit industry organization voluntarily formed by academicians/scientists, government departments, associations/social organizations, enterprises, international universities, research institutions, investment and financing institutions, and related consulting institutions , who all actively engaged in the field of artificial intelligence, such as AI technology research and development, application, science education, consulting, investment and financing, and so on.

The mission of the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance is to promote the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry in the world, promote the innovation and application of artificial intelligence technology in various industries, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence with the economy and society, and contribute to the progress and development of human society. Building a platform for deep cooperation between industry, academia, and research, and becoming the core force and important driving force of the artificial intelligence industry worldwild.


Members & Partners

A network of strong partnership across the world, to promote the development and innovative applications of artificial intelligence.
Our membership of over 3,000 academicians and scientists possesses extensive expertise and a wealth of research achievements.
Our network of over 45 international social organizations allows us to engage in collaborative and communication activities in more than 20 countries.
Our 48 enterprises are among the world’s top leaders in artificial intelligence.
Our 66 investment and financing institutions are internationally renowned investment firms with extensive experience in the venture capital field.